About US

Welcome to Schnail!

Schnail means Snail. We created it with both German and English (Schnecke+Snail=Schnail)

Who We Are?

We are a family business founded at Nov 1st 2019 in DFW Texas.

We focus on high quality reliable and thoughtful accessories for your daily life. 

Right now, we carry cases for digital devices and wallets.

We work extremely hard to ensured that every product from Schnail is built to protect as well as fit into your lifestyle.

Also, we will do our best to make sure you get best customer service in the world.

What Are Our Goals?

  • 1st  Our purpose is to keep your digital devices pounding. 
  • 2nd  We need to help people fighting cancers.

 We want to share our designs with you and keep you pounding in the daily life.

We're on a mission to help free the world from cancer by donating a portion of each sale to American Cancer Society https://www.cancer.org/ 

Many of our family members died because of cancers. We know how horrible cancers are. We are working on making a difference to help American Cancer Society saving lives.